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Current Units within the MRC's various Campaigns

Beginhill Training Center

Members undertaking training at the Beginhill are placed in Cadet Squadron's as ordered by the Training Staff at the Beginhill.

Tales from Deep Space Campaign

Units in this campaign group are independent under multiple timelines and storylines. Units in this campaign group never cross into the paths of existing campaigns on the MRC, and are considered stand-alone campaigns.

Dawn of the Protoculture Heirs

  • / Openings - Openings avaiable upon request
  • GM: MasumiX

SVFA-957 Hollywood Knights

Path of the Phoenix

  • Opening availble on request, PM Sabre
  • GM: Sabre

SVFA-2559 Tempest Wolves

SVQ-97 Tophatters

  • 0 openings
GM Koenshaku

Mesopotamia Cluster Campaign

Falcon Sound Force

  • 1 Openings
  • Araruin

SVFA-1037 Bloodhounds

  • 0 Openings
  • Rannilas

UNS Crusader

  • 0 Openings
  • Rannilas

Pax Royale Proectorate Campaign

SVA-2485 City Busters

  • 0 Openings
  • VGSC

SVF-3518 Unicorns

  • 1 Openings
  • Araruin

VFA-129 Golden Dragons

  • 2 Openings
  • Shadow Skull

UNS Centaur

  • 0 Openings
  • Araruin

UNS Templar and the M-20 Fleet Campaign

SVFA-302 Angels

  • 6 Openings
  • Cid Highwind

SVFA-88 Cobras

  • 0 Openings
  • Sabre

SSS-980 Black Widows

  • 3+ Openings
  • Sabre

Einstein-15 Campaigns

SVF-123 Moon Shots

  • Openings N/A
  • Lanji

Dark Blue EyeS Campaign

  • 0 Openings (Campaign Closed)
  • Lanji

Project Ganymede

  • 0 Openings
  • JRL3001

Shadow Works Campaign

SSS-971 Black Omen Force

  • 0 Openings
  • Sabre

JSWG Det-22 Hell Cats

  • 0 Openings
  • IronChicken

SVF-440 Starbursts

Technology gets better, but sometimes, it still doesn't hit harder. Newly activated and deployed in a questionable paperwork blitz, the SVF-440 "Full Metal" Starbursts serve as the only complete staffed and fully equiped Full Armor squadron in the fleet.