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The following are the primary campaigns of the Macross RPG Community. Campaigns at the MRC are varied, and exist in multiple different timelines and places in the Macross/Robotech universe. Each campaign can have seperate rule bases, and each campaign can have multiple Units in it, allowing for a wide array of game play.

  • Tales from Deep Space - Multiple Independant Campaigns, with one broad center piece: Space is vast, and so are your enemies.
  • Mesopotamia Cluster - At the edge of known space, forces gather to overthrow the UNG. Now an unlikely array of pilots must fight to stop their insidious plans.
  • Pax Royale Protectorate - A multi-group campaign, the Pax Royale Protectorate is a group of independant colonies split by many different factions.
  • City 15 - Open Roleplaying on the City 15 area of the Macross 15 Campaign, see here for details!
The UN Spacy Marines, ground attack specialists combining traditional infantry with mechanized infantry (Destroids) and air support (VF and other aerospace craft,) in addition to being routinely assigned to internal ship security in non-UNSM ships of the fleet.
UN Intelligence is a highly secretive organization within the larger UN_Armed_Forces that routinely gathers and shares information for the other branches of the UNAF to use. Recently, the UNI has started creating its own, secret, highly trained and well equipped units for use on extremely high priority tasks that may or may not be in the UN_Government's best interests.
  • DBES Einstein 15 - The reserach center of both the Macross 15 Fleet, and also in other times as part of the DBES project, these campaigns are highly experimental.
  • Shadow Works - If its Shadow Works, you don't have clearence to know about it. Period.

Campaign Related Resources

  • timeline - Every game needs a timeline, and this is the current effort at the MRC to compile a timeline of our games dating before the founding of the MRC, while we we're known as the MRN.
  • what_type_of_games - This is a listing of what type of games we play, which is traditionally core Macross II from the Pallidium rule book, but we've included Robotech, and even some original games recently as well.


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