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For many years the MRC has relied on two main sources for information: Static HTML pages, and our main Message Boards.

Unfortinatly, as we've grown, we've been unable to keep up with the documentation, history, and other resources that make a community whole. In addition, the only tools that would improve this where complex, or to inflexable to use. Wiki's would be a perfect tool, but where could we find one that was clean looking, and easier to use then traditional PHP based Wiki's?

Turns out that a group of other websites had popped up to support the ARG game, and one of them was based on MediaWiki. A few weeks of research, and initial testing, and then some group testing, and low and behold, the MRC has the perfect documentation center tool.

Wiki's by default are very easy to edit, and on this one, anyone who registers and logs in is able to edit pages. And because the interface is very simular to the phpBB system we have used (there are a number of differences I know, but all fairly minor), any GM, Staff Member, or even the members themselves can add, edit, and maintain the documenation and history of the MRC.

In this way we've finally found a tool that excedes the EITD's idea, to provide quick, easy to use support for Campaigns and Members of the MRC.

Feel free to continue to our MRCDoc:Community_Portal for links to our different main portal pages, or the MRC Homepage.