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Campaign News

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Business Interstellar Weekly interviewed the leading figure in what has become the only large scale independent emigration from the core colonies'. The Canola Corporation, has been known for years as a household name in cutting edge economical additions to the space habitat and free colonist planet engineer groups launching their own private colony enterprises in unclaimed reaches. However, the company steps beyond the passive role in a move that surprised most everyone. The first official Canola Free Colonization Group will launch from the company’s' custom space docks near White Flora late august of 2051. The colony mission will consist of 9 "Populace" Living and transport vessels with a fleet of 4 multipurpose support ships, mostly keyed to food and resource recycling, as well as an independent Battle fleet of two unique carrier designs. UNG and UNS correspondents said little about the launch, but implied that the mission was not entirely without approval but refused to make any official statement about independent military forces within UNS/UNG control sphere. Inside sources at Canola say that this mission is not the first, but by far the largest with a colonist population registered at 500,000 adults and 20000 youths. The company's posts fold paths that take the fleet through the now "Free Sector Six" region of space, raising eyebrows as whether or not the Company's loyalties to UNG interests are as true as their motto 'For a better UNG tomorrow' seems to imply.

Latest SNN Story

Across the many different view screens early in the morning in and around the Macross City area of Earth, Human and Zentradi alike are waking up and getting going with their daily routine. “William Giams for SNN news at 0600.” a slightly rouge looking young man in a finely tailored suit speaks to the cameras.

“In a continuation of our latest story, varied reports are coming in concerning the state of the Macross 15 Colonization Mission. With no concrete information, UN Spacy Command is issuing orders for multiple long range fast scout ships to be sent to the last known location of the fleet. Even at top speed, the mission will take more then 2 months at current estimates UNG command states in their regularly scheduled press releases.”

“And on to other news…”

MRC Documentation Efforts

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