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Important notices

MediaWiki Updated: That's right, its finally updated and back on live! Hopefully this update fixes a number of issues, but that will have to remain to be scene. --lanji 17:22, 3 May 2010 (UTC)

Scramble News Network

Across the many different view screens early in the morning in and around the Macross City area of Earth, Human and Zentradi alike are waking up and getting going with their daily routine. “William Giams for SNN news at 0600.” a slightly rouge looking young man in a finely tailored suit speaks to the cameras.

“In a continuation of our latest story, varied reports are coming in concerning the state of the Macross 15 Colonization Mission. With no concrete information, UN Spacy Command is issuing orders for multiple long range fast scout ships to be sent to the last known location of the fleet. Even at top speed, the mission will take more then 2 months at current estimates UNG command states in their regularly scheduled press releases.”

“And on to other news…”


Welcome to the MRCDoc Main Page. The MRCDoc's project started as an experiment in allowing the website more then one type of main communications method, which until the MediaWiki was installed was only our phpBB system, and hard coded HTML and mostly static PHP pages.

With the introduction of the MRCDoc's section of the MRC website, we have started including all of the Rules, Statistics, and other information for the day to day operations of the MRC, and as reference material for all of the Internet. Please feel free to look around, and if you wish, signup for an account and join the MRCDoc's project.