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Created by: Jet Jockey
Maintained by: Mr. Sketchley / http://www.macrossrpg.com/~archers/Images/StudioOtaking.gif

Engine Operations & Engineer O.C.C. (Space War One Era)


Warships operated by the UN Spacy required a large crew to maintain and repair them. Engine Operations was composed of electrical and mechanical specialists who were trained in nearly all technological accepts of the giant warships.

The Engineer was the chief of all engineering operations onboard a UN Spacy warship. The Engineer was an innovator who could apply and adapt over-technology towards any mechanical situation.


The Repairer wore a yellow jump suit with a red colored collar and trimming. The Engineer wore a officer’s uniform (mostly white). The coat extended further than normal.

Pre-requisite Requirements

I.Q. 7 or high was preferred.

Additional Requirements:

The Engine Operations OCC is for enlisted only. There were few if any specific requirements. To enlist in the UN the recruit needed a high school diploma and be 18 to 30 years old. During wartime teenagers as young as 16 years could enlist. The Engineer was an officer (typical with an advanced degree). As a general rule officers had to have a college degree. There were a few ways around this requirement. During wartime those who had some college education could receive a commission after training. The age requirement was 18 to 30 years old. Those that entered the United Nations Military Officer Academy could enter in their teens. They would receive their high school diploma and a degree in military science by the time they were an adult. This OCC was generally not open to women during the Space War One.


OCC SKILLS OCC Related Skills
Computer Operation (+15%)
Drive Repair: Fold & Reflex (+15%)
Electrical Engineer (+10%)
First Aid (+10%)
Mathematics Basic & Advanced (+20%)
Mechanical Engineer (+15%)
Military Etiquette (+10%)
Spaceship Mechanics (+15%)
Weapons Engineer (+15%)
WP Automatic Pistol
WP Automatic Rifle
Hand to Hand: Basic
  • Hand to Hand: Basic can be upgraded to Expert for one 'other' skill.
  • Select 6. At least 2 must be from mechanical.
    • 1 extra skill at level 3 ,9 ,12
    • 2 extra skills at level 6.
Communications: Any (+5%)
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Any (+5%)
Espionage: Wilderness survival only (+5%)
Mechanical: Any (+15%)
Medical: See OCC Skills
Military: Any
Physical: Any (except acrobatics)
Pilot: Any (+10%)
Pilot Related: Any
Rogue: None
Science: Any
Technical: Any (+5%)
WP: Any

Secondary Skills

Select 4 other skills with no bonuses

Wages, Rank & Experience

A UN Armed Forces Destroid Pilot member will make a starting wage of 2000 credits per month.
Destroid Pilots start at a rank of 2nd Lieutenant.
The Destroid Pilot uses the Destroid Pilot Experience Table for Experience Levels.

Standard Equipment:

UN Armed Forces Variable Fighter (Normally a VF-11C)
Tactical Life Support Suit (Flight suit)
H&K PD8 Semi-Automatic Pistol
2 Work Uniforms
2 Parade Uniform
1 Dress Uniform
Field Kit with:
  • Emergency Rations (3 days)
  • Rations (Two weeks worth, stored in VF)
  • Canteen
  • Thermal Blanket
  • 3 Signal Flares
  • Infrared Distancing Binoculars
  • Pocket Flashlight
  • emergency direction finder
  • Combat/Survival Knife
  • First Aid Kit with:
    • Healing Salve
    • Dressing
    • Tourniquet
    • Bandages
    • Painkillers
    • Stimulants
    • First Aid Booklet
Cash Card with 1D6x1000 Credits