Robotech RPG Tactics

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Robotech RPG Tactics

Postby araruin » Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:24 pm

I got my first wave of Robotech RPG Tactics from the kickstarter. It's coming in two waves. Once the second wave arrives, I will have:

18 Veritech Fighters (3 poses for each)
4 Super Valkyries(3 poses for each)
2 Rick Hunter Style Veritech Fighters
2 Roy Fokker Style Veritech Fighters
2 YF-4 Valkyries(3 poses for each)
4 Lancer II Fighters
4 QF-3000 Ghost Drone Fighters
16 Destroid Frames (Can be built as Tomahawk or Defenders) w/ Command Upgrade Kits
4 Spartan Destroids
4 Phalanx Destroids
3 MK-II Monsters
1 Special Edition Resin SDF-1
48 Regult Battlepods
8 Artillery Battlepods (Can be built as Gluuhaug-Regult or Serauhaug-Regult)
4 Quel-Regult Recon Pods
4 Glaug Officer Pods
2 Khyron Style Glaug Officer Pods
6 Gnerl Fighters
6 Nousjadeul-Ger Power Armor
2 Miriya Style Quaedluun-Rau Power Armor w/ Experimental Upgrade Kit
4 Quel-Gulnau Recovery Pods

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